LeMaistre Society

The George A. LeMaistre Society is an association of Exchange Club Members and others who have given $1500 or more to the Exchange Club Foundation.

George Alexander LeMaistre, 1911-1994


According to his Tuscaloosa News obituary (September 27, 1994) George Alexander LeMaistre was a longtime Tuscaloosa businessman and attorney. Originally from Lockart, Alabama, he came to Tuscaloosa to attend law school at the University of Alabama.

LeMaistre began practicing law in Tuscaloosa in 1933 and began teaching law at the University of Alabama in 1939. After serving in the Navy in WWII, he formed the law firm of LeMaistre and Clement, and they were later joined by Walter P. Gewin.

He served as the first chairman of the Druid City Hospital Board and led the fund drive to move the hospital from the Northington campus to its current location. He also served on the Stillman College Board of Trustees retiring as Chairman in 1961.

In 1961 he became President and Chairman of City National Bank of Tuscaloosa. LeMaistre was named Director of the FDIC under President Richard Nixon in 1973 and Chairman by President Jimmy Carter in 1977.

In 1990 he became chairman of a new consulting firm, The Pilot Group, formed to give advice to banks and thrifts.

LeMaistre was inducted into the Tuscaloosa County Civic Hall of Fame in 2001, the first year of the award that was designed to honor citizens who made long-term, significant contributions to the development of the county while at the same time celebrating the community’s history and heritage.

Living Members of  LeMaistre

Martha Cook

Sydney Cook

Robert Cotton

Charles DelGaudio

Nan Glaus

Laura Gregory

Ardis Hancock

Dexter Hancock

John Ingram

Tennis Jackson

Betsy Jarnigan

David M. Jones

Bev Leigh, III

AJ Martin

Jon McGee

Patrick McKane

Jim Meherg

Willis Meriwether

Larry O’Neal

Russell Phifer

Robert Poellnitz

Joe Powell

Ralph Quarles

Glen Smith

Ken Swindle

Jim Zeanah

Deceased Members of  LeMaistre 

Norman Agnew

Eric Baklanoff

Bill Barton

James Brown

Milton Collier

James Cowden

Henry DeVasher

Karl Elebash

Sam Gambrell

James Hulsey, III

Tennis Jackson

William Jordan

Fuller Kimbrell

Louis Lackey, Jr

Otis Lee

Bev Leigh, Jr

William Lipsey

Harmon Looney

Buck Medley

Harlan Meredith

M.T. Ormond

Lee Reardon

David Reynolds

M.L. Roberts

Wright Ross, Jr

James Russell

Muny Sokol

Russell Stockman

Bill Tate

Andy Tucker

Beasor Walker

Ernest Williams

Hoyt Winslett

George Wright